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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links Monday May 30, 2011

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Happy Memorial Day everyone. In between hotdogs and episode number 32 of the Mythbusters marathon, thank all the members of your family who served our country and fought for our freedom. Then get them a fresh beer and a hamburger, they earned it. And Now Your Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee.

Bale Wants Olympic Glory- Sky Sports

That sound you just heard was Daniel Levy reaching for his ulcer meds.

EXCLUSIVE! Man United Targeting Modric-Daily Mail

Does the Daily Mail know what the word exclusive means? 

Perhaps You Have Heard Something Is Up With Berbatov-Dear Mr Levy

If you are like me then you have spent almost every waking hour since about half time in the Champions League final googling "Berbatov Spurs" nobody knows what really happened in the locker room, but if you belive the rumors it sounds very, "Berbatovish". I don't even think I need to say it, a Modric for Berbatov plus cash deal is not a good idea. But I'll take Berba back for the reported 10 million pounds.

Harry Redknapp: A Reappraisal-You'll Win Nothing With Yids

Harry Redknapp, a history.

Spurs Linked To Move For Lazio Keeper-Inside Futbol

Lazio are apparently lining up an upgrade in keepers, so that means we have, of course, been linked to this Uruguayan player whose team doesn't want him (I doubt this has any merit), and Brad Friedel, who is forty, is also linked to a move to the Lane. Is the depressing or what?

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Fresh Allegations that Qatar Bought The World Cup-SB Nation Soccer

Lets play a game called who is more corrupt, FIFA executives or Tammany Hall.  Yeah, I don't know who wins that contest, but I am currently leaning towards FIFA.

Supposedly There Was A Game Of Footy Played At Wembly On Saturday-SB Nation Soccer

The game was amazing and it was everything I could have hoped for, Messi being Messi at his best, Rooney being Rooney at his best, Barcelona showing the rest of the world how the game can be played, and Berbatov acting more mellow dramatic than inert-your-own-jersey-shore-joke-here.

Fox Shows Other Networks Exactly How To Disrespect Their Veiwers-SB Nation Soccer

Our very own Ryan Rosenblatt takes Fox to the woodshed for their terrible Champions League final coverage, and rightly so. I was incredibly embarrassed by it and you should be too. #hungaria

Is Barcelona The Best Team Ever?-Daily Soccer Fix

Sound off on your opinion in the comments section!

Manchester United: Post Match Musings-The Busby Babe

It's worth a read for those who think all Manchester United fans are douche bags who are superior, condescending, and un-objective.There are Man United fans that don't suck, you can find them at The Busby Babe.

Have a great Memorial Day everyone, Please be safe, and thank you to all our troops and veterans for the sacrifices you have made and continue to make.