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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For May 31, 2011

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Good Tuesday morning everyone. Time to roll out of your hamburger induced coma and get back to work. But don't despair, Cartilage Free Captain has your Morning Hoddle Of Coffee ready and piping hot, to keep you from accomplishing anything constructive for at least half an hour. Cheers

Spurs Look To Sign Modric 2.0-The Daily Mail

Milan Badelj took over for Modric when he made the move to Spurs from Zagreb. Your teaser trailer is of course right here. Even if Modric doesn't leave I think this is a great move for the supposed 8.5 million he is valued at. He is only 22 and unlike Modric he is 6 foot 1 so he wont be nocked around as much while figuring out the Premier league. Editor's note: Milan Badelj is a STUD.

Berbatov Set For Toon Switch-The Sun

As much as I hate the idea it makes a lot of sense for Newcastle and for £7.5 million it is for the right price. Perhaps next year Newcastle might begin to flex their muscles on the rest of the league.

QPR Want Both Spurs Starlets On Loan-The Sun

Thats right QPR wants both the Kyle's, it makes sense for Naughton, but not for Walker who most people agree is ready to take the lead at Spurs.

Dear Mr. Levy Sounds Off On Selling The Stars-Dr Mr Levy

I wold really recommend you put Dear Mr Levy in your series of daily blogs to check, especially after the last few days of posting. Everything that you have been feeling if you spend any time on the English sports websites, he puts into words. I especially enjoyed this little Nugget.  

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

The Latest On The FIFA Shenanigans-SB Nation Soccer

Bribery allegations!  Now with semi-questionable photographic proof, how exciting! As American soccer fans we constantly have to defend the sport we love on a daily basis and FIFA is not exactly helping. I honestly don't even care anymore, FIFA will never be cleaned up, and that is just the way it is. Unless national federations begin to withdraw from FIFA and form a new governing body and banning any former FIFA executives who ever had a single allegation of corruption against them (so everyone except this guy) than I'm done caring about FIFA.

Gold Cup Preview: Mexico-SB Nation Soccer

US Fans, read this and then go weep in your beer along side me.

Premier League Primer: Promotion And Relegation-Coming Home Newcastle

Coming Home Newcastle begins its Premier League Primer for Americans just getting into to club soccer. I look forward to see what else comes out of this series during the summer.