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Tottenham Hotspur Link Roundup (Tequila Hangover Edition)

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Besides being the day after Cinco de Mayo, today is a BIG anniversary for the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. 50 years ago today, the 1960-1961 squad clinched the FA Cup against Leicester and sealing the Double. Hats off to that team. Lets get into the links!

Team News

-We'll be playing Blackpool at home tomorrow (May 7). Kick off is at 12:30 pm EST. We'll be missing Benoit Assou-Ekotto and Tom Huddlestone to injury. The Guardian takes a stab at both team's lineups

-It seems like Michael Dawson is having some sort of crisis. Last week he was "desperate" to get into the Champions League again, but now he's much more reserved, saying that he's "determined." Me too buddy, me too...

-Good ol' Harry! He's had a lot to say the last couple weeks. First off, he's threatening to leave Spurs this summer if Daniel Levy starts selling off stars. He also is planning a summer spending spree for the team, regardless of how they finish the season (he's still playing mind games with West Ham/Scott Parker). Finally, he's concerned about how playing in the Europa League next season will affect the push for a top four finish. This was a glimpse into Harry's mind.

Transfer Market

-Niko Kranjcar is being courted by several Serie A teams, in addition to teams in Spain and Germany. 

-Aaron Lennon might be on his way out too? That'd be very unfortunate. 

-Interesting read I came across...if there is a mass exodus this summer from the Lane, Spurs should look to FC Porto for reinforcements for strikers and a manager. If you aren't familiar with the amazing season FC Porto has had this year, here are the cliff notes: they've dropped four points ALL SEASON in the Portugese league and currently are in the Europa League final.