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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For June 1, 2011

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Happy Wednesday morning everyone, it's another glorious day here in the free world. Hopefully you live somewhere that isn't close to as unbearably hot as it is here in DC, and if you live someplace hotter I will assume you are reading this from the Sun.

And now the news

Steve Pienaar Set For Surgery Post International Dates-The Sun

We can all rest easy again.

Spurs Linked To Downing Swoop-The Daily Mail

Yawn, this is not true, but Spurs get linked to Downing often enough that it is at least worth looking at.

Corluka Is A Better Soccer Player Than You, More Generous-The Spoiler

Add one more category in which Charlie, as he is apparently known, is better than Alan Hutton.

Dear Mr Levy Examines The Harry Redknapp Question-Dear Mr Levy

As we found out yesterday, the question of just how good Harry is sharply divides this blog's readers. No matter what side of the debate you fall on it is worth a read.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Acting FIFA President Attempts To Fire Whistle Blower-SB Nation Soccer

Your daily dose of ridiculousness from the grand guardians of out game.

Gold Cup Preview: Costa Rica-SB Nation Soccer

Before I started reading these previews I fully expected the US to take the Gold Cup this summer. Now when I think of Mexico or Costa Rica I just get depressed.

Paul Scholes Retires-SB Nation Soccer

What can be said about Scholes that hasn't already been said? He was the total package and a true Manchester hero. He was one of those players that, without knowing a thing about the game, anybody with eyes could see his class. He leaves for a coaching position at Old Trafford where one presumes he will now train other ultra-talented midfielders to crush my dreams in his stead.

We Ain't Got No History Doubts Modric To Chelsea Rumors-We Ain't Got No History

Finally some good news! Luka won't be a blue! The bad news? They assume Chelsea won't sign Luka because Manchester will.

Remember friends while you are out today, sunscreen is your buddy.