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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee:Tottenham Hotspur News And Links June 14, 2011

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Good Tuesday morning troopers. See what I did there? I called you troopers. I'm just full of surprises like that.  

So on to the links

This Week In You're An Athlete Not A Singer For A Reason: Wayne Rooney

Its just so delightfully, shockingly, bad. It's like finding out unicorns are real.

Kaboul Wants Marseilles Move-The Sun

I am a little surprised by this, he had a lot of playing time this season so I am not sure why he wants out.

Drogba Plus Cash For Modric?-Daily Mirror

I am still not in favor of letting Luka go for any price. However, if we got cash and Drogba, I wouldn't be mad enough to burn my house down like I had planned.

Parker Linked To Turkey Move-The Guardian

Oh, joy. It's like music to my ears. The thought! Scott Parker not in a Spurs shirt just makes me all giggly. Two reasons, we don't need him and he will cost more than he is worth because that's what English teams do when buying English players. Secondly, he is so god damn handsome and I don't need another player on the team my girlfriend thinks is way hotter than me, in addition to Welsh Jesus.

Whats happening around SB Nation after the jump

Someone Scored A 50 Yard Free Kick Yesterday-SB Nation

That sound you are hearing is the sound of me judging you for continuing to pretend that MLS soccer sucks.

Villa To Look At Mcleish In Spite Of Uproar-7500to Holte

It's kind of fun to watch other teams implode for a change. Well, maybe not implode but to at least seem as dysfunctional as we are.

Anfield Asylum continues It's Player Review:Daniel Agger-Anfield Asylum

These have been great reads, really a very comprehensive look at the team.