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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee:Tottenham Hotspur News And Links June 16, 2011

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Good Thursday morning my homies. I said yesterday that I had a feeling that things were about to kick off in Spursland. Normally I am very very wrong about these kinds of things. Yesterday I was far from it.

Chelsea Fail In 22 Million Pound Bid For Modric-Sky Sports

OH WHEN THE SPURS GO MARCHING IN!  Way to go Levy you glorious glorious leader of men you. Oh god I could just make out with him. I am just day dreaming about the scene in ole Danny boy's office when the call came in. I imagine that when Abromovich called that Levy didn't say anything at all, he just gave a hearty chuckle and then hung up the phone, with authority. Then he went out and foiled a bank robbery.

Dear Mr Levy :On Modric-Dear Mr Levy

If you read one blog on a daily basis in addition to this one, it has to be Dear Mr Levy. Here is Spooky's take on the Modric situation, his reaction was a bit more subdued than mine was.

Sunderland Declare Gyan Is Not For Sale-Daily Mail

This is news that doesn't make me happy. But after we rebuffed Chelsea's insultingly low offer for Luka, not much can bring me down today.

Arsenal Lining Up Shock Defoe Move-Daily Mirror

Anyone but them. Jermaine, we understand you might want to leave, but anyone but them.  

Martin Jol Eyes Bringing Alan Hutton To Fulham-Fans FC

Apparently Martin Jol is either trying to continue his legacy of doing everything he can to improve Spurs, or he thinks the voting is still open for Tottenham Hotspur Manager of the Decade

Libya Still Set To Host 2013 African Cup Of Nations-SB Nation soccer

This is just comical.  How has the host country not been changed? Libya is in the midst of a civil war, and under attack from a massive NATO (read: American) bombing effort. Two years out, nobody has said "hey maybe Kenya would be a good spot".

Why Arsenal Should Sell Fabregas To Barcelona-SB Nation Soccer

So I don't have to listen to the "will he won't he", soap opera ever again? 

The Greatest Memory Of A Cottager-Cottager Confidential

Give this one a read, trust me you will like it a lot.

Five Mexican Players Now Cleared Of Doping-FMF State Of Mind

I am very happy to see that the first test was a false positive.  Because drugs are very bad for you.