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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links June 17, 2011

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Good Morning dude-bros and ladies.  It's Friday so make sure you leave work a good 2 hours early, and really stretch out that lunch break. You earned it.  

Man City To Tender 30 Million Pound Bid For Modric-Daily Mail

STILL NOT ENOUGH STILL NOT ENOUGH, everybody STILL NOT ENOUGH! Look here, young unproven english stars are being snapped up for  20 million pounds. Phil Jones is sold for 20 million? A player I was only vaguely aware of until last week, for 20 million? How is Luka only bringing in offers of 22 million? Fernando Torres, after one really good season and a few seasons since, where he is so often injured for 50 million! If this is the current level of what the pound purchases in football than how do you think Modric is worth any less than 50 million pounds?

Harry Calls Blue's Modric Bid "Ridiculous"-Sky Sports

There is just something so very "redknappy" about this, isn't there?

New Spurs Kit Leaked-Dear Mr Levy

The word minimalist comes to mind? I don't know, they just seems very meh.  

Spurs Release Woodgate-FansFC

This hasn't popped up anywhere else. At the time of filing, Woodgate was still listed on the team website, so basically whatever.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump


Sir Alex Fergeson Might Son Be Lord Fergeuson-SB Nation Soccer

An alternate title could be "Two Members of Parliment are assholes". This is so unimportant. In a country facing serious austerity cut backs, and these guys are spending time trying to get Fergie a seat in the House of Lords; a governing body that hasn't had the abilty to do anything except show up and clap, in a few hundred years. Time well spent.

Man U's Striker Of The Season-Busby Babe

Just looking at this makes me depressed, one team has three, THREE, amazing...ok 2 amazing strikers and one really good one.  And yet Spurs have this mediocre dreck.

Roker Report Has A New Podcast-Roker Report

Podcasts are easily the best way to waste time in the office without looking like you are wasting time. You're welcome.