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Okay, Fine, An Actual Tottenham Hotspur Fixtures Post

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While that post earlier was a joke, a lot of the content was actually legit. It is illegal for me to post the entire fixture list on this website. However, I can talk about them to some extent because, you know, copyrighting facts and dates is really f--king stupid. So, I have some quick notes and observations on Tottenham Hotspur's fixture list.

We start with a seriously tough run. Home against Everton isn't a killer, but it's no slouch. The next week, we're the lucky team that gets to go to Old Trafford to face Manchester United. In round three, we face Manchester City at home. So, it's a nasty start that I'd be happy to get four points out of.

On a certain holiday that comes a day after a different holiday which is the celebration of the birthday of Jesus in most cultures, we take on Premier League newcomers Norwich City. The first North London Derby takes place at White Hart Lane in October, while the second takes place at Emirates Stadium in February.

For a complete fixture list, click here.