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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For June 2, 2011

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Good Thursday morning everyone. In case you missed it, yesterday Sepp Blatter was re-elected in what some are calling a shameful excuse of an election that makes a mockery of democracy. Some people are saying that, I am saying nothing of the sort. Instead I am focusing on the transfer market and all of the exciting things happening in it.

And now the news

Spurs Interested In Osvaldo-Sky Sports

The daily grind of finding new players linked to Spurs just sucks, mostly because we all know that moves like this one are never happening 

Napoli Wants Palacios-Daily Mail

Napoli initially wanted him for 8 million which given his performance this season is justifiable. However, given all that has happened in his personal life it is understandable that Wilson had a bad season. I personally think that even for the 15 million Spurs want for him that Napoli will be getting their money's worth.

If the FIFA Election Depressed You Today, This Will Help-The Spoiler

It did help a bit.

Spurs And Manchester United Looking To Sign Diarra-Give Me Football

The price tag is 18 million pounds, I doubt he ends up in Manchester and the linking of him to Spurs is Madrid employing a tactic I call the old "just say Tottenham want him to drive up the price" trick. 

What's going on around SB Nation after the jump

Daily Soccer Fix Examines Penalty Kicks-Daily Soccer Fix

In case you missed the cluster@#$% questionable refereeing in Seattle the other day, take a gander at this. I found the events described to be very infuriating interesting.

EA Games Proves They Know How To Advertise To Their Target Audience-SB Nation Soccer

My girlfriend hates this, because it's very very true. I am not sure if this also applies to Football Manager.

Mega Newcastle Transfer Rumors Breakdown-Coming Home Newcastle

Coming Home Newcastle have been producing some truly excellent pieces on the silly season. They profile every single player that has been linked to them. It's a little bit awesome.