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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee:Tottenham Hotspur News And Links June 21, 2011

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Good Tuesday morning senors y senoras. Well, the new Spurs kits came out and everyone except the person who designed them and the person who picked them think they really suck. Can we just have the team go buy navy blue Under Armor tops and have them wear them instead?

Kiev Pursuing Niko-Sky Sports

No! No! No! If Niko leaves we owe it to him to at least put him on a decent team in a decent league. And I don't want to hear any of you Football Manager nerds telling me to respect the Ukrainian league more because it will never happen. Somebody in Italy or Germany must want him right?

Spurs Readying A 17 Million Pound Move For Cahill-The Sun

Seems a bit much and by a bit I mean laughable.

Why The New Kits Suck, In Detail-Dear Mr Levy

Our dear friend Spooky looks at every reason these kits are about as awesome as a pile of dead polecats. In case you were wondering a pile of dead polecats is never good.

Whats happening around SB Nation after the jump

Jack Warner Resigns From FIFA VP Role, All Charges Dropped With The Presumption Of Innocence-SB Nation Soccer

Yawn, this is like watching The Wire only without the benefit of Omar.

A Re-Examination Of The Charlie Davies Flop And Flopping In General-SB Nation

Davies' flop was ridiculous, but he was drawing a foul in a situation where a shot wouldn't have been the best option and there was no one to pass to. That's accepted in other sports, drawing the charge in basketball for instance. I don't have a problem with players doing that. It's when they act injured and roll around clutching their face for 20 minutes, that sucks. Just play the game like Pete Rose would have played it damn it.

Revolution Supporters Ejected For Using The YSA Chant-SB Nation

A huge amount of people hate this chant. Here is the thing, yes it sucks sort of, I guess, when you are sober, but have you ever been in the stands and done it after drinking cheap rum for 5 hours in a parking lot? If you have then you know that it feels AWESOME. You know everyone else is judging you but you don't care because it feels like  warm blanket wrapped around you and sprinkled with kisses. And since there are so many problems with the game in America, the federation being corrupt, MLS officials not knowing  anything at all (and I mean anything, not even basic math, probably), and certain teams with lots of trophies being constantly screwed over by city officials in the quest for a decent stadium. Lets just stick a pin in the "you suck asshole" debate of 2011, shall we?