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Tottenham Hotspur's Worst XI Of The Decade: Right Back

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Tottenham Hotspur had some good luck with right backs in the beginning of the decade, but that luck turned south for a few years. Pascal Chimbonda had his ups and downs, but was never truly great or atrocious. As a result, he was not listed on the Best XI voting, and he will not be listed on the Worst XI voting. Honestly, there has only been one Tottenham Hotspur right back in the last decade who has started regularly and been truly terrible, and you all know exactly who I am talking about.

But I'll give you a list of potential candidates anyway.

Alan Hutton: We bought him from Rangers for too much goddamn money (Read: £9 million) in January of 2008. This was riiiiight before everyone on the planet figured out that the SPL is not a very good league, as evidenced by the fact that their best players often struggle in the Championship. Since coming to Spurs, Alan Hutton has played football poorly.

Alan Hutton: Seriously, he's not very good at football.

Alan Hutton: Sweet Jesus, we paid £9m for this guy?

Other: Just in case you're a crazy person.