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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee:Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For June 22, 2011

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Good Wednesday Morning muchachos y muchachas, is anyone else bored? Just frighteningly bored with this transfer window? Remember the good old days when we spent all summer lining up a move for this one player and there was new crazy information coming out every day, and then at the ended of the summer that player signs for Arsenal? Remember those days? Good times. 

And now the "news"

Wolves Seal O'Hara Move-Sky Sports

5 million pounds seems fair. But the real drama will be will Danielle Lloyd, now leave Jamie for Gareth Bale? I think she might, maybe I am just assuming she will since she left Terry Sheringham when he left Spurs for Jermain Defoe. And when he left Spurs she started up with Jaime. True yiddo.

Only A Few Days Until The Spurs Challenge To The West Ham Olympic Stadium Ruling Will Be Announced- Telegraph

We aren't done with this yet? Dan Levy should heed some sage advice my father once told me in his current situation, "nobody likes an a-hole son". Withdraw the challenge to the ruling, Orient are the only team with a real beef here, and spend the money you are paying those lawyers on greasing whoever it is that needs greasing to get the Northumberland Project jump-started.

Spurs Planing 25 Million Bid For Benzema?-FansFC

To answer that , no they are not. But wouldn't it be nice if they were? Good Lord when are we going to get of the bench and make a move this summer? Please note:I am not in the Bryan Ashlock camp when he hopes for any moves at all to break the monotony, I want only quality moves, but something would be nice.  

What's going on around SB Nation after the jump

The Great Britain Olympic Football Team Is Pissing Everyone Off-SB Nation

Wow, the English pissing off the Scotts, Welsh, and Irish by just deciding what these other countries are going to do about everything, this is unheard of. And by unheard of I mean it's like every story grandpa told me after his 5th whiskey.  

Tiny Person Comically Fails In Referee Attack At Chinese League Match-SB Nation Soccer

This is awesome for two reasons, the general "look at this dick fail so badly" reason first. And second, I think this might be a child. If it is then HUZZAH! America is not alone in the world, in raising fat, out of shape, asshole children! Welcome China, you too are now a superpower. Please feel free to judge me, but thats how I decide who is a superpower.

Chelsea Look Like They Have Picked A Manager-SB Nation Soccer

And the count down until he is fired for only winning two trophies or less in two seasons starts now. Does anybody think he makes it past St. Patties? Please place your bets in the comments section while simultaneously complying with federal, state, and local gaming laws. cheers!

We Aint Got No History Reacts To The New Chelsea Manager hiring In Predictable Chelsea Way-We Aint Got No History

I have never encouraged trolling other sites. But a certain person in management said we should in the comments section the other day, and I think this might be just the right time to do so. Now go forth minions and wreak havoc.