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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee:Tottenham Hotspur News And Links June 23, 2011

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Good morning my fellow Americans, and you other people as well.  The greatest team in the world has gone to the place where many prognosticators said they couldn't go, the Gold Cup final.  I am not sure what is more surprising, that Freddy Adu played, or that he played well.  

Part 2 Of The Great British Football War Has Begun:Will Bale Play-The Sun

I have no opinion on this.  As a Spurs fan I don't want him to have a. more chances of getting hurt or fatigued, or b. more time to shine on the worlds stage attracting more offers for him.  However as someone who once had an Olympic dream I could never say no to him if he wanted to go. And that my friends is how to straddle the fence.

Sunderland In For Wickham With 8 Million Pound Bid-Daily Mirror

Annnnnnd I have been personally priced out of the market.  I am firmly against buying the over valued young British talent, buy the reasonably priced young talent from other countries. I hear Mexico has a few nice gems available.

Chelsea To Offer Essien Plus 28 Million For

I doubt this is true but it is interesting.  I have been an unapologetic Essien fan for a long time.  The guy plays on all heart and I love those kinds of players.

Everything Spurs There is: An Analysis-Dear Mr Levy

This should keep you busy for a solid 20 minutes.  Its a little bit epic.

The Yanks Are In The Final After Win Over Panama-SB Nation Soccer

Hey Panama we demand another 99 year lease on OUR canal.  Not Even John McCain was cheering for you, AND HE WAS BORN THERE! 

Italian Football Fans Will Need Fan ID's To Buy Tickets Next year-SB Nation Soccer

Long overdue!  I have linked to this documentary before but it shows pretty well that in Italy, fans can do pretty much whatever they want, on a level you wont see outside of South America and the larger Balkan teams.  

Mexico Advance To Gold Cup Final Vs. The US-SB Nation Soccer

So its the classic showdown, Mexico vs the US. Hamburgers vs tacos. Hotdogs vs mole. El Tri vs. the Red, White, and Blue. I'm sure there's more hyperbole here, but let's just leave it at that.