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Tottenham Appeal Over Olympic Stadium Rejected

Bye bye Olympic Stadium? Not quite. (Photo by Anthony Charlton/Olympic Delivery Authority via Getty Images)
Bye bye Olympic Stadium? Not quite. (Photo by Anthony Charlton/Olympic Delivery Authority via Getty Images)
Getty Images

It's the story that won't go away because Tottenham won't give up. After losing out on their bid to develop and play at the Olympic Stadium, Spurs appealed the Olympic Park Legacy Company's decision to award the stadium to West Ham. Today they found out that their appeal has been denied, but that's not the end of this story. The club is still considering a further appeal to the high court's decision.

"The club now has the option of renewing its application at an oral hearing at the high court and we shall give consideration to this in the next few days," a statement from the club read. "As previously reported, the club continues to hold discussions with both local and national government bodies in order to seek to determine a feasible stadium solution."

For all the talk about strikers and Harry Redknapp and Luka Modric, the stadium situation remains the most important thing for the club right now. The future of the club is up in the air and while fans want to see top players come in, wages continue to be an issue that Spurs cannot do anything about until they get a new stadium.

That said, the Olympic Stadium has always been a controversial plan for the club, with many appalled at the though of Tottenham not playing in North London. Leyton Orient is also a part of the appeal, being the club closest to the Olympic Stadium site and fearing for the future of the club with a bigger club moving so close to them.

If Spurs do not get the Olympic Stadium, and it looks unlikely that they will, they are almost back to square one with regards to a new stadium. The plans for a new stadium right next to White Hart Lane and even using some of the current Lane land has recently been deemed unfeasible by chairman Daniel Levy. Whether that is true or a negotiating tactic is unknown. Other sites in Haringay have been bandied about, but little movement has been made on any other sites.