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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee:Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For June 24, 2011

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Good Friday morning everyone. Another day is gone and Daniel Levy is still sitting around doing nothing. But at least its Friday, and that means you should get to the beer store early to beat the rush, it also means that statistically, this is the day you are most likely to get fired. So there's that.

On to the "news"

Villarreal About To Make 12 Million Sandro Bid-Daily Mirror

I'll go wayyyyyy out on a limb (can you feel that sarcasm?) and say that this is not at all true. Twelve million for Sandro is ridiculous. Anything less than 18 million just isn't realistic. Sandro is all upside and has been rapidly improving. So just back off other teams that for some reason have a desire to actually improve their squads.

Spurs Face Competition To Sign Serdan Tasci-Give Me FootBall

For 12 million? Yeah I'd take that in a second. I don't trust Ledly's knee (can we still call it a knee at this point?) enough to not bring in a replacement.

Not a lot of Spurs news today so check out what's going on around SB Nation after the jump

Five Clubs To Watch This Transfer Window-SB Nation Soccer

A great read, especially if you aren't as up on the continental game as others. This is a problem I personally have because I don't watch more than one or two European games a week. Everyone else who writes on this blog seems to know everything about every team in Europe, right down to the special qualities of B teamers in the Serbian second division.

Manchester United Pick Up Ashley Young-The Busby Babe

Sure, why not? Seems like a good choice and a reasonable price. The only surprising thing about this signing was that it was for 16 million and not 45 million.

Bojan Leaves Barca For Roma-Barca Blaugranes

What happened to this kid? He was this can't miss prospect and while he has always been a pretty good player, he has never been able to get enough playing time at Barca. An understandable problem for most but this guy was supposed to be Messi 2.0: the tall edition.  

Sunderland Sign South Korean International Ji Dong Wong-Roker Report

Seriously, Sunderland are making signings and we aren't? Come on, why can't some heir to an industrial fortune just buy the team and decide to spend away his undeserved fortune making our dreams come true?