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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee:Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For June 28, 2011

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Good Tuesday morning campers. Time to get up and start the day! I have a feeling that there will be nothing but good news today, because that's what always happens on Tuesdays, right?

And now the news, which is better than usual

Spurs To Offer Modric Hefty Pay Raise-The Guardian

That sound you hear is the sound of me doing the happy dance. The Club has said in the past that they will not pay a player more than £100k a week. So I hope that tomorrow when Daniel Levy and Luka meet that Levy offers him £99,999 a week and maybe a trash bag full of £100 notes while winking at him.

Spurs Demand 4.3 million For Dos Santos-Sky Sports

An alternate title could be "Spurs spit directly in Kevin McCauley's face".

Bentley Eyed By Athletico Madrid And Fulham-Daily Mirror

Fine, good riddance, get out. I want £7 million for him because on a team like Fulham he is very very serviceable, and we paid more than double that for him. We won't get 7 though, at best I think £5 million.

Blackburn Are Looking To Land Keane-Telegraph

Wow, Rovers offered only £2 million for Keane? That's not even worth it.  

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Conor Casey is A Dick, Suspended-SB Nation Soccer

It's bad. How bad? It's the first time in soccer history that the rolling around and face clutching was warranted.

A Look At The Future Of The USMNT Backline-SB Nation Soccer

Is three years enough time to bring along the young guns? It's gotten to the point where I expect things from the team during the World Cup.

United Trade McCarty to New York For De Rosario-Black And Red United

This is a huge trade for MLS. United are going for broke, while simultaneously giving Dax McCarty the finger. I can't blame them, while Dax is a really nice guy, he wasn't a good fit for a team with so many young CDMs. This is probably a better trade for New York in the long run. De Rosario is very good, but he is 33 it's about to be over for him.