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Tottenham Transfer Rumor Tuesday: The Only Time Four For One Is A Bad Deal

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Well, Kevin and all the other writers here sure like to make my job difficult. All I want to do is write once a week about Tottenham Hotspur transfer rumors and what's in the Hoddle of Coffee every morning? Transfer Rumors! And as I'm writing this I've included the Inkoom rumor and then Kevin's got a post up about it.You guys are killing me!

Now that I've gotten that off my chest it's time to start addressing rumors. It's been another kind of blasé week for Spurs. If nothing else, most of the rumors have been about the sale of players. Harry Redknapp has even come out and said that he must sell before he can buy, which doesn't exactly inspire confidence because we've been trying to sell David Bentley and Robbie Keane for the last two seasons. That aside, there's been nothing terribly new or exciting to report, but as always I will do my best to liven up the proceedings.

Will Lennon Head to Liverpool: Now, here's a good rumor. Aaron Lennon is a good player. He's been 19 times by England and is still just 24 years-old. However, I don't think he's going to develop into the player many Spurs fans want him to be. I don't think Lennon is what Liverpool is need, since they already have Raheem Sterling, but if Kenny Daglish is inclined to part with £12-15 million for Lennon's signature I'd be happy to oblige. That move might garner Giovani Dos Santos some playing time, provided we don't sell him too.

Mr. Palacios Goes To Paris: Wilson Palacios has had a poor run of form for Spurs, I'll admit that. And I suppose if we can somehow convince Paris Saint-Germain to pay us at least the £12 million we paid for him then I don't see why not. I like Palacios considerably more than I like Jenas, but since we're living in the "We have to sell to buy" world the sale of Palacios would considerable increase the size of our war chest. It would however, severely weaken the depth of the squad. So, is it worth it?

More rumors after the jump!

Player Exchanges Never Work: This weeks stupidest rumor is Tottenham's alleged bid for Gary Cahill. The English defender is valued at £17 million by Bolton Wanderers and Harry Redknapp appears set to offer Jermaine Jenas, Alan Hutton, Sebastien Bassong, and Robbie Keane in exchange for the players services. That's one of the worst offers I've ever heard. All together those players' value is approximately -£1578. And that's only if you think Bassong isn't a total waste of space. If Bolton accept that offer I'll kiss Owen Coyle on the mouth.

I Suppose We Do Need Another Defender: I first talked about the possibility of acquiring Serdar Tasci from VfB Stuttgart a couple of weeks ago and the rumors persist. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I like this player. £12 million seems a little pricey, especially if he's not going to supplant William Gallas, Michael Dawson, or Ledley King as a starter. Still, I want him in a Spurs shirt. Let's make this happen!

#WeNeedAStriker:  Talks with Leandro Damaio continue to be stalled. It seems that we have agreed on a fee and, perhaps even wages, but the problem is third party involvement and also that his Club want him to stick around for the remainder of the Brazilian season. We need a striker now, especially if these ridiculous Jermain Defoe to Arsenal rumors are true. Thus far I'm not impressed with the quality of striker we're being linked with. I like Leandro and I think he'll be a good player, but can he do it right away? I'm not sure he can. Spurs need goals now!

River Plate Have Been Relegated. Let's Take Advantage: It was hard not to be captivated by the riots taking place in Argentina over the weekend. It's unfortunate that the system put in place to keep River Plate up back in 1983 has, 18 years later, doomed them to relegation despite not finishing in a position that would have seen them relegated in a traditional system in any of the last three years. Erik Lamela is a 19 year-old attacking midfielder for the Club and could make an excellent young understudy to Rafael Van der Vaart and Luka Modric.

Player We're Not Being Linked With But Should Be: This is the part where I get to make up my own transfer rumor. With the Lennon to Liverpool thing really heating up and Gio and Bentley bothing seemingly on the way out as well, we're suddenly looking a little thin on the right flank. The solution: Vladimir Weiss. Manchester City have a huge squad and the 21 year-old Slovakian winger is going to have a hard time getting a game. City really need to clear out space in their team before they bring new people in so Weiss might be available for cheap. The Slovakian winger spent last season on loan at Rangers where he helped the club to a league title.

Player We're Actually Going to Sign...This Week: This makes me physically ill, but this week I'm pretty sure we'll actually sign David Beckham. I wouldn't put it past Daniel Levy to sign Becks if only for the increase in shirt sales, especially now that we know we won't be playing in the Olympic Stadium. MLS isn't likely to part with Mr. Posh Spice cheaply, but whatever the price is I'm sure it would be offset by the influx of new revenue. I don't like the idea of this signing one bit. I don't think Beckham can contribute much, if anything, to the Club and he would be a waste of roster spot. That's also how I know we'll sign him.