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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For June 29, 2011

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Happy hump day dear friends. I am resolved to say that I no longer believe any signings will come this summer. We have no transfer budget, and of all our players we need to offload, everyone is rumored to be priced at about half of what we paid for them. This is the summer of boredom.

And now the "news"

Van Der Vaart Loves Life At Spurs-Give Me Football

Translation, "my impossibly hot wife really enjoys living in London".

Inkoom, Traveling Back To Ukraine For Preseason-Arham Online

The quotes he gives in the link makes me think that he is a perfect fit for a Harry Redknapp side. There were words coming out of his mouth, and yet he said nothing. By the time I was done reading I forgot I was even looking at words.

Djibril Cisse Announces He Is Leaving Panathinaikos at Nightclub, The Most Jerseyshoriest Supporter Response Ever In Sues-(Hat Tip) Who Ate All The Pies

Yes, this has nothing to do with Spurs, but it's kind of cool and there is next to nothing new going on today.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

USWNT Beats North Korea 2-0-SB Nation Soccer

Thats the way ladies! Way to win one for Hawkeye Pierce, Hotlips Houlihan and everyone over tat the 4077 MASH. It was a great game to watch for neutral spectators, but not the best showing for the red, white, and blue. Some of the usual issues raised their ugly head. Slow starting, and Amy Rodriguez's continued existence kept North Korea in the game until Lauren Cheney fired in the first goal. This girl's got scary power in her right foot, be on the look out for it.

Mexico Suspends Eight From Copa America Team In Prostitution Scandal-SB Nation Soccer

No, Giovani Dos Santos was not one of them. But when you first read that headline didn't you kind of just expect to see his name there? His brother was one of the idiots who got busted.

Bob Bradley Is Not The Problem For The USMNT-SB Nation Soccer

While I will enjoy watching you all try your best to beat the crap out of the author, our own Ryan Rosenblatt, he is right. The issue with the US is that we just aren't that good, we have three really top players (Donavan, Dempsey, and Howard) and a handfull of good players like Baby Bradley. And then a bunch of athletes who think they are soccer players. I personally blame the old style of developing youth players in America. Hopefuly the newer MLS academy systems will help develop youth talent more effectively.

Should Drogba Stay Or Go-We Ain't Got No History

The number one reason to sell Drogba is financial, he is absurdly compensated and he isn't the player he was a few years ago. But then again anytime the words "financial considerations" and "Chelsea" appear in the same sentence it just sounds stupid right?