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Tottenham Hotspur's Worst XI Of The Decade: Manager Juande Ramos


Earlier this week Harry Redknapp won Tottenham Hotspur's Best Manager of the Decade in a landslide. Today, I am pleased (discouraged?) to announce that the vote for Worst Manager was much closer. However, we have our winner: Juande Ramos. Ramos won by only a narrow margin over the rather uninteresting Jacques Santini.

Juande Ramos was in charge of Spurs for just under one year, but in that time he managed to lead the team to a Carling Cup. He's the only Spurs manager to actually win a trophy in this decade. Which obviously makes him the worst manager of the decade for us. Sure, the club finished 11th that season, but we won a freaking trophy!

Regardless, Ramos is the worst, at least according to you lot. Remember, we only had two points from eight games. TWO!!!! That's an average of .25 points per game. If we would have played a full season that way we would have finished with 9.5 points. That's an embarrassment, we would have finished 19th, ahead of West Ham United, obviously. We would have been relegated. Thank god Harry Redknapp came in and saved us.

So thanks Juande Ramos. Thanks for nothing. Sure you're responsible for our only trophy since 1999, but that means nothing. NOTHING! Hope you're enjoying managing in Ukraine.