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Cartilage Free Captain's Mandatory Bi-Yearly Introductions And Social Media Reminder

It's been a good six months since I've done a post like this, no? A lot of you guys have been reading the site and commenting since shortly after we went live, and the whole team really appreciates that. However, we've picked up a whole lot of new readers lately, and we haven't done the whole introduction thing. So, for all of the newer readers, here's an introduction to who we are and where to find us on social media.

I'm Kevin McCauley, and I'm the managing editor of Cartilage Free Captain. I started this site at the beginning of the last Premier League season, and we've grown considerably in writers and readership since then. I am also an editor at SB Nation Soccer. The site's two other editors are Bryan Ashlock, whose name is the one you'll probably see the most frequently around here, and Ryan Rosenblatt, who also contributes to SB Nation soccer. Our other contributors are Paul BatambuzeEvan C. JonesBrian Mechanick, and theroosevelts

If you like the site, we encourage you to subscribe to our RSS feed and become a member so that you can participate in the comments. When the season rolls around, we have live match threads that rack up hundreds of comments, many of which are heated exchanges and silly gifs, so it's quite a bit of fun. Also, we love interacting with Spurs fans on social media whenever we can, so please follow us on twitter and fan us on facebook, but don't be a stranger after you do. We genuinely want to hear from you guys, either on how to make the site better or just for some friendly footy banter.

Thanks for checking out the site, and for the long-time readers, I promise you that the next time you'll see a post like this will be in January. Thanks for reading the site, and COYS.