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Crowing From The Park Lane: Introducing A New Blogger At Cartilage Free Captain

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A brief introduction just to say hello and a polite nudge to look out for one or two articles coming your way concerning that loveable Lilywhite soap opera from North London - THFC.

I'm a blogger (who isn't these days?), a twitter obsessive and a long serving Glory Glory tribal member along with being a Spurs season ticket holder since 2004. However, I'm self-exiled in that I've been a touch part-time in the past couple of seasons due to the birth of my daughter. The irony is not lost on me considering the adventure Spurs have been on what with finishing 4th one season and reaching the quarter-finals of the Champions League the next. Whilst I was knee-deep in dirty nappies and kissing goodbye to anything more than six hours of sleep per day. Actually, that's six hours of laying in bed technically speaking, which only equated to around four hours of sleep as the other two were spent worrying about football.

I'm never detached from Spurs for anything more than a few seconds. It's an addiction, an obsession, a religion. So much so, I've even managed to sneak 'Lily' into my daughters name. Bless her, she hasn't got a clue about the misery that I've bestowed on her by tagging her to Tottenham from birth. Although sometimes I wonder if it's best I let her mother win. Growing up into a woman wondering about what Jimmy Choos to wear is probably a lot less stressful than worrying about our lack of apparent decisive transfer window activity every summer and New Year.

I'll be back in the Park Lane for the 2012 season, sharing my ticket with my younger brother. Hopefully to see us once more battle for fourth or better. The fundamental flaw shared amongst so many top tier teams last term was that nobody truly hit their stride with true menace. You wonder how majestic it will be if everyone did so when it all kicks off again.

Positivity is all important from the stands, the players and the online communities. We have to look to start the season focused and strong. Strengthen the spine of the side and drive forward the desire to push on. In other words: keep our best players and sign a world class one (or two) then swashbuckle and swagger to our hearts content.

Not asking for much. Just another epic series with the usual twists and turns but a more satisfying finale than the last one, which disappointed. It's the most unmissable of soap operas. Off and on the pitch. Because if it's not the football, it's the search for a resolution relating to the (new) stadium.

In the meantime, I'm certain the remainder of the summer will provide us with plenty to sink our teeth into before the true drama starts.

So, settle back, ask someone to strap you into the straitjacket and...I guess...enjoy? I hope to entertain and with Spurs providing the foundations for my musings, I doubt there will be a moment which wont have our heart strings pulled from one side of the emotional spectrum to the other.


For more of Spooky's work, follow him on twitter at @Spooky23 and check out his Spurs blog, Dear Mr. Levy.