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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For June 7, 2011

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Good Tuesday friends. So far it has been a rather slow news day in Spurs nation. Hopefully that changes by the end of the day.  

Wolves And Spurs Agree On 5 Million Pound Fee For O'Hara-Daily Mail

Sounds fair to me. However it's important to note that while the deal is almost done, nothing is set in stone.

Spurs Linked To 12 Million Pound Move For Roma Striker-Give Me Football

Does anyone really think that the man responsible for this is the answer to our striker problems?

Gallas Thinks Wenger Is An Idiot-Sky Sports

I wish we had an entire team of players like Gallas. Is he the best player on the field? No. Is he the fastest? No. Does he play hard, play when he is hurt, and play smarter than just about anybody else? Yes! Also he told Arsene Wagner to basically suck it which is awesome too.

What's going on around SB Nation after the jump

Wayne Rooney Got A Hair Transplant-SB Nation Soccer

When I first heard about this I heard about it from Wayne himself, he announced it on twitter. My first thought was "that is a really confident guy," just blurting it out instead of doing what other people do and just pretend that nothing has changed, mad props bro. Those nice thoughts go out the window when you see the picture, Wayne went from a guy with a deep hairline that made him look like a bulldog (read:AWESOME) to a guy who looks like he had a hair transplant, which is never good. Gentlemen, my entire family is bald and soon I will be too, so take it from me, its better to go bald with grace.

The US Not As Good At Soccer As We Hoped-SB Nation

Not content to let Ryan Rosenblatt have all the fun in crushing my dreams of Gold Cup glory, Kevin McCauley decided to get in on the act. This is a must read for any USMNT supporter.

Daily Soccer Fix Examines The Choice Of Spain For A Friendly-Daily Soccer Fix

Yeah what were we thinking?