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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee:Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For June 9, 2011

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Good Thursday everyone. It's the last "real" work day of the week (I am a firm believer that on Friday you just punt). So get out there and get after it Spurs nation, and tonight reward yourself with a frosty pint or 12.

And now the links that will distract you for the next 30 minutes

Harry Admits Making A Bid For Jones-Sky Sports

I don't know why people admit making bids on players they don't sign and then won't say what their bid was. Either tell us you made the bid and for how much, or don't. I don't handle being teased well.

Harry Targets "Three Fantastic Players"-The Guardian

What is Harry's definition of "fantastic player"? From what we have seen this summer his definition seems to be "overrated, but not terrible Englishmen, who fill none of the team's needs".

Spurs Can Have Osvaldo For 14 Million-fansFC

Harry Redknapp and Daniel Levy seems to be staring in the new hit reality show La Liga Pickers, only they never actually make a buy.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Lugano Goes Two Footed, Studs Up On Van Persie-SB Nation Soccer

This is a must watch if you, like me, cannot look at a picture of Van Persie without punching something.

Sneijder Is The Wrong Player For Manchester United-SB Nation Soccer

I actually think Sneijder would be a great fit at United. It would also make Luka Modric an unneeded and expensive luxury, which is also rather nice.


The Mexican Primera Draft Is Underway-FMF State Of Mind

I am woefully ignorant of how this league works, but it sounds insane. I assume that Mexican fans watch everything unfold on tv, with coverage a lot like the NFL draft, while playing drinking games. Because thats how I hope to watch it next year. Excuse me, I need to go learn Spanish.

MLS All-Star Voting Is Now Open-Black And Red United

No matter who your MLS team is, go vote! Preferably for Andy Najar.