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Rubbish Report Says Spurs To Bid For Fernando Llorente, Still Exciting

The Mirror is reporting that we are interested in Fernando Llorente and will make a fresh £20 million bid on him. Normally I would dismiss it because it's the Mirror, which is complete trash, but I heart Llorente and really want us to sign him so I've convinced myself that this report is real.

Why exactly do I have a crush on Llorente? Watch this video and then try to tell me with a straight face that you too aren't swooning.

Yeah, not too bad and it looks like he's ready to move on from Atletico Bilbao. That's appeared to be the case for a year or so now, but Real Madrid was always looking and he was pegged to put on the all white before long. That no longer appears to be the case and it might give Spurs the chance to go grab him. That's not to say the Mirror is right. They probably aren't, but a bid for the Spanish striker before long isn't out of the realm of possibility at all.