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Tottenham Hotspur's Worst XI Of The Decade: Hossam Ghaly

The newest addition to Tottenham Hotspur's Worst XI squad has been finalized and it is Hossam Ghaly. The Egyptian midfielder ran away with the voting by quite a large margin. Ghaly wasn't very good, but his reputation was cemented by his throwing his shirt at Martin Jol after being substituted in the 2nd half of a match against Blackburn. Ghaly played poorly that game, and that is perhaps the biggest understatement I have ever made.

To be honest, Ghaly may have some amount of talent in him, though he certainly didn't show any of it during his spell at Spurs, but his off the field actions engendered such distaste for him that he was never going to win over fans. Off-field problems were his undoing at Feyenoord, from which Spurs bought him in for an undisclosed fee. His poor attitude scuttled a potential move to Birmingham City in 2007 and he was so disliked at Spurs that Jaunde Ramos didn't even give him a squad number.

I know most of us here at Cartilage Free Captain like to make fun of Jermaine Jenas, but at least Jenas plays well sometimes. I can't honestly remember Ghaly doing something good for the club, though Wikipedia claims he scored three goals, but everyone knows Wikipedia isn't a reliable source, so take that with a grain of salt.

Regardless, Hossam Ghaly is the defensive midfielder in this squad, which doesn't give me much confidence given the current back line. This worst XI side had better be able to score some goals.