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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee:Tottenham Hotspur News And Links July 11, 2011

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Good Monday everybody, welcome back to the working week. Let's hope that this week, is the last of the will they, won't they, Luka Modric saga.  

And now the ever so Luka Modric centric news

Modric Claims Levy Violated Their Gentleman's Agreement-Sky Sports

So Luka claims that he and Levy had a gentleman's agreement that would allow Luka to move to a bigger club if an agreeable offer were presented. Luka now claims that Levy has violated this agreement by saying that the he will not be sold at any price. Now as a fine upstanding graduate of an elite all boys boarding school I am a firm believer that gentleman's agreements are to be upheld, I also believe in dueling to settle disputes . But how do we know there really was a gentleman's agreement?

Spurs Boss Rubbishes Talks Of "Gentleman's Agreement"-Sky Sports

Well that clears things up, sort of. I think we all know that Dan Levy is a shrewd and intelligent business man. So, I find it hard believe that he would be so stupid as to enter into a gentleman's agreement that could only  serve to bite him in the ass. So, the verdict of the day, the status quo remains intact for the moment.

Exclusive Footage Of the Levy, Modric Meeting-Dear Mr Levy

As far as I am aware this is Spooky23's directorial debut. I will be recommending it for a BAFTA nomination.

Whats happening around SB Nation after the jump

USWNT Completes Epic Comeback To Beat Brazil On Penaltys-SB Nation Soccer

I regret with all my heart that I didn't see this game. I am ashamed to say I was watching the Tour De France. What's worse, I was watching on DVR.  So while I did see this.  I missed out on the sporting equivalent of this. Epic fail

Video Of The Game Saving Abby Wambach Goal-SB Nation Soccer

Might I say, WHAT A CROSS! Megan Rapinoe, maybe the US's player of the tournament. That's it no more analysis needed, res ipsa loquitur

Mexico Wins 2-0 over Uruguay To Win U-17 World Cup-SB Nation Soccer

So Mexico have the best teenagers in the world, but Bob Bradley isn't worried. He probably doesn't care care. He doesn't have to, he'll be gone soon enough. But Jurgen Klinsmen just found a new reason to be dogging Sunil Gulatti's phone calls.

Newcastle Unveil New Away Kit-Coming Home Newcastle

Finally something horrible enough to rival the new Spurs kits.