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Tottenham Hotspur's Best XI Of The Decade: Aaron Lennon

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Our Tottenham Hotspur Best XI of the Decade now has some serious pace on the flanks. Last week we added Gareth Bale to the left midfield position and over the weekend Aaron Lennon beat out Darren Anderton for the right midfield position.

Lennon is known for his pace, which is amazing given the way he runs, and not much else. For a long time his final ball was lacking, but that now seems to have improved to the point where his crossing is only a minor annoyance. In six seasons Lennon has made 219 appearances in all competitions for the club and scored 21 goals. If Lennon is ever able to truly discover his goalscoring form he would certainly become one of the best right midfielders in the league.

When Lennon is on his game he absolutely terrorizes opposing fullbacks, but the problem is that he seems to all too often disappear from games. Perhaps this is a result of Spurs increased focus on Gareth Bale, but as defenses increased their focus on the Welshman, Aaron should have had the space to run rampant, instead Lennon seemed to be lifted all to often in the second half of games for substitutes.

But because this is a Best XI we will only have good Aaron Lennon. His addition makes this team very dangerous on the counterattack. Only three more positions left before we complete the squad!