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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For July 12, 2011

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Good Tuesday morning everyone. It's day two of the unofficial "Luka Modric Prime Time Soap Opera" week, and Cartilage Free Captain is the only place to get your up to the minute information on Chelsea's latest attempt to be the Premier League's version of the Hamburgler.

Chelsea Make Renewed Modric Bid-Sky Sports

Hey Roman, £27 Million? Why don't you just spit boiling acid in my face, it would really be less insulting to the team, the fans, and also Luka Modric. I am flabbergasted by this bid. Is Abramovich going broke? It's the only thing I can think of that he didn't just tack on £13 million to the original bid, just because he seems to like nice round numbers.

Man U, Real Madrid Join Spurs In the Chase To Sign "The Next Drogba"-Give Me Football

Leandro who?

Blackburn Looking To Seal Defoe Move In Swap Deal-Daily Mirror

This won't happen. Blackburn cannot afford Defoe's wages. Although we would get Samba who I think is an amazing center back, when he isn't trying to be a center forward, so meh.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Kevin McCauley Breaks Down What The USWNT Needs To Change To Win The Women's World Cup-SB Nation Soccer

Kevin makes some very important, very well thought out points. As he should, he knows way more about the game than I. However, I can only really see one changes that needs to be made. No more Amy Rodriguez, and a lot more of that adorable Megan Rapinoe.

Women's Football Has WAY Less Cheating Than The Mens Game-SB Nation Soccer

I can't say that this is surprising. This is what happens when you want it more. That's right, the ladies want it more. Because nobody hands them anything.  In the men's game everything off of the pitch is handed to you from an exceptionally early age; players are coddled (cough Dos Santos cough). With the women's game it is so much less me me me, and more we we we, and that facilitates less flopping because when you are truly playing as hard as you can, you don't flop. You are going too hard, to fast to even contemplate that as an option.

Maradona Crashes Car Into A Bus, Hospitalized-SB Nation Soccer

The continuing sad story of Diego Maradona's post football life. Maradona reportedly has injured his leg, but the injuries are not believed to be serious.  

Anfield Asylum Examines The USWNT's Epic Win From The Point Of Veiw Of A Non Women's Football Lover-Anfield Asylum

I honestly do not understand how some people who love the game itself can be, at all, down on the women's game. But that's just me, I think that you are far more likely to see good games in the women's game (read:no flopping if you forget about Marta).