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Tottenham Hotspur's Worst XI Of The Decade: Right Midfield

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So, the Best XI position of right midfield was pretty thing for Tottenham Hotspur. Unfortunately the same position has only a couple more candidates. Most of the candidates aren't horrible footballers, but considering the dearth of options at this position we'll have to settle for players that were disappointing as opposed to just plain awful. They just suffered from the pressure of the expectations heaped upon them, whether because of the transfer fee we paid for them or because of their pedigree.

If you feel that I've excluded anyone let me know in the comments.

The nominees are below.

Wayne Routledge: The English winger spent 3 years at Tottenham appearing in a grand total of five games. He holds the honor of being the only player to have played for six Premier League clubs and without having scored a Premier League goal. Routledge became surplus to requirements once Aaron Lennon emerged as the future for the Club on the right wing and was eventually sold to Aston Villa.

David Bentley: Bentley has made 62 appearances for Spurs since joining from Blackburn Rovers for £15 million back in 2008. In case you've forgotten, he's actually still on the books at Spurs. Bentley lacked the pace on the wing that Lennon provided, but he was a fairly good crosser and dangerous from set pieces. If nothing else, Bentley scored this goal against Arsenal, which makes him OK in my book. Bentley never lived up to the fee that Spurs paid for him and now we'll take a huge loss when we sell him.

Giovanni dos Santos: I can hear you already. How can I include Gio on this list? Well, namely because in a grand total of 20 appearances for Spurs he has done practically nothing. He scored his only goal for the club in the UEFA Cup against Shakhtar Donetsk. Sure dos Santos is talented, but he's never really displayed that talent for Spurs. You can argue that, perhaps, the Mexican international wasn't given a fair shake, but if he would have shown a little commitment in training, instead of being out getting drunk with Ledley he might have made more of an impact. Again, Gio's not awful, just a major disappointment given his Barcelona pedigree.

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