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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For July 13, 2011

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Good Wednesday morning everyone. It's is officially the halfway mark of "Luka Modric Tween Drama" week. I hope you have liked it so far. Big things are happening with the team this week and we are glad that you choose to read about them and discuss them here.

And Now the News

When Chelsea Buy Local Produce They Let It Rot-The Spoiler

Hmmmm, that is a long, looong list of players poached from local clubs whose careers turned to dodo as soon as they made the move to Chelsea. Perhaps Luka Modric should take some time and think about where he wants to play one more time. Just saying, statistically he is very likely to have his career ruined.

Cartilage Free Prospect?-Sky Sports

Sandro will undergo knee surgery but could be back in time for opening day. That's great news when it comes to knee injuries, but let's not rush him back. I don't care if we need him for the Manchester United game. Take it slow with him.  

Luka Potter And The Threatly Hallows-Dear Mr Levy

Spooky23 examines the strategy behind Luka Modric's comments about wanting to leave. It's a long article but worth the read so grab a Snickers and sit back and be prepared to feel just a little bit reassured.

Sports Minister Claims Spurs Must Drop Stadium Fight For The Good Of The Nation-The Independent

I can't decide what is more ridiculous, the team still fighting for the stadium rights or the idea that Spurs are damaging the nation by not giving up the fight. If I wanted to get this much melodrama in my life I would stay in the room when my girlfriend watches "Real Housewives Of Oh Who The Hell Cares".  

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

John Feinstein Doesn't Think Soccer Is A Sport, Is An Asshole About It-SB Nation Soccer

Mr. Feinstein, let me speak directly to you for a minute. We get it. You don't like soccer, just like many many other crotchety old school American sports writers. You are not alone, at least in the community of sports writers, and that's okay, but do not insult our intelligence. Nobody likes being lied to in such a poor way, on top of being insulted. You insulted millions of American soccer fans with your remarks, and that's okay. But please, stop blowing smoke up our asses with your nonsensical reasoning when you do it. You only look like an idiot.  

Managing Madrid: Podcast Edition-Managing Madrid

I haven't listened to it yet, but I like just about anything that involves the combining of a podcast with a subject I really like.  

Corinthians Make "Legitimate" Bid For Tevez-Bitter And Blue

No it is not a legit bid. Go back to your homes, there is nothing to see here.