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Tottenham Hotspur News: Michael Dawson Refutes Claims That He Is At Odds With The Club

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In case you missed it, yesterday The Sun and a few other "news sources" reported that Michael Dawson was upset with Tottenham Hotspur, most notably chairman Daniel Levy, over what the player deemed a "derisory" pay increase. The article claimed that if Dawson did not start to feel suitably rewarded for his contribution to the Club he would begin looking to play elsewhere. All this was, of course, according to "an insider". It seemed like the week of bad news was bound to continue and it was going to continue with one of the most beloved players in the squad.

Well, this morning, on the Tottenham Hotspur official site, Dawson himself released the following statement:

I have no idea where this story has come from - it certainly has not come from myself or any of my representatives. I think I have always demonstrated that I am a proud player and captain of this club and nothing has changed in that respect.

I have an excellent relationship with everyone at this club from the chairman, to the players to the supporters and I wouldn't want false reporting such as this to impact on that. There has been absolutely no fallout with anyone whatsoever.

I still have four years left on my current contract and no issues regarding it whatsoever. It is an honour to be captain of this football club and my sole focus is on getting ready for the new season with Spurs and, hopefully, England as well.

What a refreshing attitude to hear from a professional athlete. I've always like Dawson and this only serves to reinforce the bromance that he and I have. It truly seems like a novel concept for an athlete to honor their contract and be proud to play for a club such as Spurs. Thanks Dawson, for bring us some good news in a week that seems to have been nothing but bad news.