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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For July 14, 2011

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Good Thursday Spursland. It's Thursday and In light of recent revelations in the "Luka Modric Nicholas Sparks Novel", (if you don't get that reference ask your girlfriend) I suggest you just call it the weekend and start drinking now. You have sick days you can use right?

And now the "news"

Smith Wants Transfer In Search For First team Football-Sky Sports

Oh I'm sorry Mr right back were we not paying enough attention to you? I don't know if you have noticed but we have some things go on regarding the other players on the team so we haven't been able to give our fifth string right back enough hugs and kisses to make him feel all important.  

An Interview With The Phantom Of White Hart Lane-Dear Mr Levy

If there is one thing I like its Spurs. If there are two things I like Its Spurs and opera and by opera I mean bacon. But I like this just fine, even if there isn't any bacon.

Spurs Linked to £12 million move For Esteban Granero-Give Me Football

Oh please this sounds good. With Luka basically out the door, and for only 12 or 13 million, that's plenty of money left over for...wait for it #weneedastriker. Excuse me while I go get a towel to catch the drool running down my chin at the thought of this.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

USWNT beat France 3-1, Will Face Japan in WWC Final-SB Nation

Freedom fries! Freedom fries! Freedom fries! Why are all the streets of France lined with trees? Because Hope Solo Likes to march in the shade. Did I mention freedom fries?

Your Daily Wonder Goal Video-SB Nation Soccer

I don't know if I like goals like this. It isn't a goal because it was a tremendous run, or and amazing strike. It's a goal because the keeper screwed up. Then again sometimes it's just good clean fun watching someone make a mistake that will undoubtedly haunt their dreams forever.

Roker Report Gives Disgruntled Readers A Voice-Roker Report

I love this idea, Roker Report got one very negative email from a reader claiming that the site's writers weren't exactly doing a good job and instead of telling said disgruntled reader to F off, they gave him a voice. Kinda cool I think.