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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For July 15, 2011

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Good Friday morning everyone. It's the last day of the week and we urge you to treat this day with the respect and honor it deserves. So stretch that lunch break into multiple hours, sneak out of the office at 3:45, and as soon as your boss turns their back on you give them the finger. You know you want to.

And now your "news"

Trio Of Teams Looking To Land Gio-Sky Sports

I may have, in the past, been a bit overly critical in my opinion of the abilities of Giovani dos Santos. However I now firmly believe that the team need him to stick around. If Gio leaves, who will go shot for shot With Ledley King? Sure it seems trivial now but think about it, it's like splitting up Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin.  

Spurs Lower Keane Asking Price-Fans FC

I can only assume we lowered the price to "we pay you just take the son of a bitch" levels, as I thought Levy had run out of positive numbers to ask for in negotiations by now. It's strange too, not hearing from Robbie on the matter, when certain other players have been so vocal recently. I mean good god if there wasn't talk about giving Robbie Keane away would you even know if he was alive? Come to think of it, is he alive? Has anyone seen Robbie? I suggest we all look in our local pubs first and then fan out after that.

Some South African Defender Really Wants To Play Against Aaron Lennon

I cannot wait to see this game. At first this was just  the first Spurs action in months, now its "watch this ever so confident 23 year old get his doors blown off by my favorite little spark plug" day. And that's a fun day.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

The Only Person Who Can Break The Cesc To Barca Cycle Is Cesc Fabregas-SB Nation Soccer

Cesc Fabresgas really wants to play for Barcelona. Barcelona have no need for him. Arsenal have a serious need for him. I love seeing players like this who want to play for one club forever, and though we hear players say things like that a lot (Robbie Keane) it's almost never true anymore. So while I wish for Fabregas' sake that he gets the move it is just really stupid for his career and it's really stupid business for Barca. 

Real Madrid Run Over Woman With A Golf Cart-SB Nation Soccer

Is anyone surprised by this? Good, glad to see we all recognize what level of evil we are dealing with. However since I'll be in South Carolina all next week the odds that I also run over a woman with a golf cart are probably around even now.

Is Alex Sanchez Worth The Money?-Barca Blaugranes

No, no he is not. Only a few forwards are worth more than 30 million pounds, allow me to name them: Tevez, Messi Ronaldo. That's it. Rooney is not worth more than 30 million, Torres is not worth 30 million. David Villa is not worth that much. Period.

Falcao Signs Porto Contract Extension with 45 Million Euro Release Clause-We Ain't Got No History

Good, great news, Chelsea can't sign at least one of the players they want this summer. Also of note, Falcao's agent negotiated a release clause. Is it an amount anyone is going to pay for Falcao's services? No, not yet at least, but at least it's there, which is a great way to avoid messy transfer situations  No real reason to bring it up, just felt like saying it. I am not pointing it out due to any ongoing drama that happenes to be monopolizing a large portion of my emotional stamina. That's clearly not the case.

Have a good weekend Spursland. COYS.