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Roman Pavlyuchenko's "Heart Lies With Tottenham"

So is Roman staying? (Lefty Shivmabu/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
So is Roman staying? (Lefty Shivmabu/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Lost in the Luka Modric drama is the rest of the Tottenham team and specifically what the team is going to do with its stable of strikers. Pretty much everyone agrees that Spurs need a new, top-notch striker who is capable of playing along up top, but to get that striker funds need to be raised with a couple sales. One of those sales will have to be a striker to make room for whoever comes in and Roman Pavlyuchenko has been the popular candidate to be shipped out.

Selling Pavlyuchenko makes sense. He has a decent reputation internationally so he can be sold anywhere in Europe, not just England. He can bring back a decent fee and he's not on the greatest of terms with Harry Redknapp. He's also been a bit of a curious character with Spurs, maybe asking for a move on a few occasions and never seeming intensely engaged in a match. That makes his agent Oleg Artemov's most recent statement unexpected.

"We haven't talked about Roman's future with Tottenham yet," Artemov told Sovetskiy Sport. "The team is in South Africa at the moment and then we'll negotiate about his contract extension. We don't care about any other offers because Roman wants to stay in London, his heart belongs to Tottenham."

I believe that Pav's future has not been talked about. I can guarantee you that the team is in South Africa and that he would like to discuss a contract extension. I even believe he wants to stay in London, but his heart belongs to Tottenham? Really, Pav? I think so, and that's perfectly fine. I'm not an idealist that believes every player has to bleed for the badge. Pav (and more accurately your agent), you don't need to pretend that he would die for the club. Just work hard and maybe sprint every once in a while. Thanks