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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee:Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For July 19, 2011

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Good morning everyone, happy Tuesday to you. First let me apologize for there not being a Hoddle Of Coffee yesterday. My family is on holiday this week at a family reunion. Unfortunately it is located in a very small seaside town in South Carolina. As you can imagine accessing the Internet can be a bit of a chore. However my connectivity issues are resolved and there is much to talk about. The team's first preseason friendly was Saturday and it sucked. With that in mind lets continue with the transfer rumors that torture our souls, and tease us with thoughts of glory. 

And now the news

Harry Says Spurs Unlikely To Land Parker-Sky Sports

VICTORY! Harry's desire to sign old English players at positions the team have insane depth, has been foiled by financial issues again. Better luck next time Harry.  

QPR Look To Land Crouch-Daily Mail

Just when you thought it was impossible, the Daily Fail has a story that sounds mildly plausible. Crouch certainly is getting no closer to more playing time with the arrival of our new teenage dream and QPR would probably be a good home for the striker. Who knows, this could actually happen.

Spurs Wars-Dear Mr Levy

Dear Mr Levy looks at the Spurs preseason with a Modric free blog. Which is great since I am really very sick of reading and writing about him.  

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

A Look Back At The Women's World Cup, An All Time Great Tournement-SB Nation Soccer

The Women's World Cup was without a doubt an all time great tournament. The play was amazing, there were very few questionable calls by the referees, and the final was amazing. Now I know many men, including myself in the past, have rolled their eyes whenever there is talk during these tournaments about the positive effects they have on young ladies. But I watched the final with my two young cousins ages 7 and 11, and while they are to be sure demon children I felt like I was for once showing them a way to be a success in a positive way. A way that did not involve having fake blond hair and a bad tan. Even in a loss it was a special time.Congratulations Japan, you won a fantastic game, bravo.

New England Revolution Supporters Groups Stage Walk Out-SB Nation Soccer

You can read about the details in the article, but suffice to say team management are not handling a situation that is easily resolvable very well. They are continuing to alienate the one group of fans who have shown to consistently buy tickets to see the shitty product that management puts on the field week after week. Sounds like a great business plan!

A Statistical Analysis of Wesley Sneijder, is He a fit For United?-The Busby Babe

Football nerds of the world unite! This article is awesome! It breaks down in detail not only If Sneijder would fit United but answers questions like "would United be able to get all of their other great players to work around him?". I won't spoil the conclusion for you though, you'll have to read it to find out.  (hint: you won't like his conclusion)