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Daily Fail Mad Libs: Play Along, CFC Community

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Mad props to Dustin (MennoDaddy), one of our most active community members for coming up with this spectacular idea. He's constructed a Mid Libs-esque outline for how to write fake transfer stories. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a columnist for the Daily Mail? We have the next best alternative to the real thing.

Just copy the text below (authored by MennoDaddy) and replace the blanks with the teams, player, and Harry Redknapp quote of your choice! 

[Team] interested in [Spurs player] switch

[Team 1] manager [Name] is set to make an [adjective] swoop for Spurs' [Spurs player] before the transfer window shuts in August. [Team] is expected to make a bid of nearly [number] pounds for the [position], who is also attracting attention from [Team 2] and [Team 3]. Spurs manager Harry Redknapp is struggling to hold together the core of the team that advanced to the quarterfinals of the Champions League but came in fifth in the EPL this past season. "[Explative-laden quote]", said Redknapp, concerning [Team 1]'s bid for [Spurs player].

If you're from the UK and you do this, it'll actually have more credibility than a well-sourced piece that I write because I'm an American! Leave your best Daily Fail Mad Libs in the comments section. Oh, and since Dustin came up with this wonderful idea, follow him on twitter.

I'll be reading my favorite Daily Fail Mad Lib on Wheeler Dealer Radio tonight.