CFC Poetry Slam: A Modest Entry

Forgive me for this, but it seems I'm on a roll today.

Ahem.  *tap tap tap*  IS THIS THING ON?!  Okay.  It's a CFC poetry slam.  Here we go.


If transfers were movies, I'd then have to say

That this transfer window's made by Michael Bay.

With drama and train wrecks and Adebayor,

Modric wants out and Sandro's a bit sore;

Linked to all strikers sundry and various;

Gazumped by Chelsea in manners nefarious;

Implosion beckons and things seemingly dire;

With Champions League hopes nearly put to the fire;

No movement on strikers is making us sick

(Though "When Harry Met Soli" could be a good flick.)

Forgive us poor Spurs fans for feeling morose;

With all the bad news, we then have no choice.

For if Bay's our director, then we just got clocked;

We got "Armageddon" instead of "The Rock."


*shuffles offstage, drinks heavily*

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