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Wheeler Dealer Radio - Episode 2: The Preseason Has Begun!

Wheeler Dealer Radio is back for the second episode and this time we have some actual games to discuss. Lots of Tottenham Hotspur news to discuss this week. First and foremost, is the signing of Souleymane Coulibaly. We're all excited about it and after saying it's unfair to compare him to other players, we proceed to do just that. We spend time making fun of South Carolina and even find a few moments to discuss some ridiculous transfer rumors. Next on the docket are Spurs' matches against Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates.

Also, we take some e-mails from the Cartilage Free Captain community and have a little fun with "Daily Fail Mad Libs". On top of all that, MennoDaddy gives us a poem. Somebody is a bit of an overachiever.

Thanks to everyone that sent us an e-mail and we encourage you to e-mail myself, Brian, or Kevin with your questions, ideas, or obscure observations (even if they're not Tottenham Hotspur related).

If you haven't subscribed to the podcast yet on iTunes you should do so or, if you prefer, here's a direct download link for the podcast. Enjoy!