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Jo To Internacional Opens Door For Leandro Damiao To Tottenham

Jo (yes, that Jo) has opened up the door for Spurs to grab Leandro Damiao (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)
Jo (yes, that Jo) has opened up the door for Spurs to grab Leandro Damiao (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)
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Remember Leandro Damaio? He's that Brazilian guy who turned 22 years old today (happy birthday!) and Tottenham were linked to at the beginning of the transfer window. You know, he's big and strong at 6'2''. He's quick on the ball and make excellent runs. He finishes well and is capable playing alone up top or with a strike partner. In short, he's super duper good.

Spurs must think he's pretty good because they bid £12 million for the striker only to see it turned down. The buzz around the Brazilian's move to White Hart Lane has cooled in recent weeks and his signing a new contract with Internacional didn't exactly help fuel a move to England. Maybe, finally, for the first time in weeks though, there might be hope for Leandro the savior to be a Lilywhite and it comes in the form of Jo.

If you remembered Leandro Damiao then you are just mildly aware. If you remember Jo, you probably need to watch less football and spend time with other human beings. Well that's harsh, but Jo hasn't really been a part of top flight football for a while now. He lit it up for CSKA Moscow and was supposed to be the next big thing when Manchester City bought him, then floundered at Eastlands before accomplishing little with Everton and Galatasaray.

So why does Jo matter? He matters because Internacional has brought the Brazilian home, adding to the club's stable of strikers. That's a stable of strikers that includes Damiao, who could now leave Internacional without leaving a massive hole behind him thanks to the acquisition of Jo. With a replacement in hand now, Internacional won't be as desperate to hold on to him now.

Mr Levy, this is your cue. Call up those Brazilian partners of ours and make the bid necessary to make Damiao a Spur. Let him lead the line. Let him become the next sensation. Let him do it for Tottenham.

Note: I don't actually believe this changes things. Jo does not equal Damiao and the situation is the same as before. Spurs will need to pony up the cash. That said, this summer has been sad so I'm perfectly content convincing myself that Damiao is a savior and that he will be ours.