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Tottenham Hotspur's Worst XI Of The Decade: Andy Reid

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It would appear that the best way to make Tottenham Hotspur fans mad at you is to eat all of their pies or be bad at football. God help the man who does both of those things. Which, brings me to Andy Reid. The rotund Irish man was a huge flop for Spurs and as a result has been voted by you, the fans, into our Worst XI of the Decade.

The roly-poly Reid made only 27 appearances for the Club during his career, but he was bad enough in those few games to really have an impact on Spurs supporters. Fortunately he came over with Michael Dawson, so the transfer fee of £8 million we paid Nottingham Forest wasn't a complete waste.

The pudgy midfielder joins Rohan Ricketts, Wayne Routledge, and Hossam Ghaly in the midfield of our Worst XI. Words cannot even begin to describe how bad this team is and we haven't even named the strikers yet, though I'm pretty certain they could still beat West Ham.

Now that the weighty issue of the attacking midfield has been settled (See what I did there?) we can move on to the strikers. Get your nominations in for our Worst Strikers of the decade.