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Tottenham Hotspur Transfer Rumors: Giovani Dos Santos To Sevilla Already Done? Twitter Gossip Says So.

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We've heard rumors about a potential transfer to Sevilla for Giovani dos Santos for quite some time, but it appears that deal is finally coming to fruition. Or is it? Here's a tweet from Jorge Ramos, a writer and radio host at ESPN Deportes, regarding the potential transfer. I think there's a 50-50 chance this is legitimate, which I will explain after the tweet and after the jump.

Giovanni Dos Santos al Sevilla FC . Sera anunciado el dia 2 de Agosto y sera presentado el 5 de agosto.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

Okay, some things to touch on. First, Ramos provides no source here. That's a bit sketchy, but he does that all the time. He tweets out rumors about Mexican Primera and Mexican national team players all the time, often with no source attributed. He's been way ahead of the curve and 100% correct on a lot of things, and he's been off base on others. I would put his success rate on tweets like this regarding Mexican or FMF players without attribution at about 50%. If Pavel Pardo goes to the Chicago Fire, as has been rumored, that would be one that Ramos called correctly (with the right timeframe) about two months ago, which would be impressive.

This transfer would also fit with what Sevilla is doing with their team right now. They finished in 5th in La Liga and they are a team who wants to get back into the Champions League. As a result of them missing out - and therefore having no money - and wanting to get back in, they have been acquiring extremely talented players that have question marks and/or are cheap. Piotr Trachowski, Ivan Rakitic, and Emir Spahic are their recent additions.

So, Ramos is good on rumors and Gio fit's Sevilla's other signings. So, what doesn't fit? First of all, the fact that Ramos does get this stuff wrong once in a while. Also, when do teams agree to a deal, but hold off 10 days to make an announcement? Seems shady. Second, I don't see why Sevilla would think they need Gio with all of Trachowski, Rakitic, Diego Capel, Jesus Navas, and Diego Perotti on their roster.

Take a guess: Fact or Fiction, CFC community?