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Harry Redknapp Is Lying To You About Tottenham Hotspur's Big Signings

You lie that much, Harry (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
You lie that much, Harry (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The Luka Modric saga continues at White Hart Lane as Daniel Levy continues to insist that the Croatian will stay with Spurs, while Modric is still trying to angle his way across town to Stamford Bridge. Harry Redknapp is caught in the middle, not happy with the prospect of losing his best player, but aware it is a possibility. In the mean time, Redknapp continues to try and improve the squad around Modric, either in the event the has to play without his midfield maestro or to try and convince Modric that Spurs are ambitious enough for him.

The other day Redknapp said that the club would look to strengthen the squad around Modric, saying, "we are working hard to bring in a couple of big signings that may convince [Modric] to stick with us." Sounds great, right? It's looking like Modric will stay in the midfield and 'Arry will bring in two players that can really push the club into top four contention. Well, it's only good if Redknapp is telling the truth and guess what? He's not.

'Arry can talk all he want. He doesn't hold Tottenham's wallet. Dear ol' Mr. Levy does. There are targets out there are reasonable prices. Spurs have been linked to those players. Whether it's Leandro Damiao, Fernando Llorente, Mirko Vucinic or any of the other players the club has been linked to, Spurs have had the chance to buy them all at fair prices. How many of them have worn a Spurs shirt so far though?

Some might argue that Levy is holding out to get his guys at the right price. You know, that right price he got when he brought in reinforcements in January. 'Arry can keep talking about his two big signings. After all, talking is what he does best. At the end of the day though, Tottenham will be lucky to have one signing. It's much easier to bury the checkbook than it is write a check so talk all you'd like, Harry. Nothing is happening and you probably know it as well as any of us.