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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For July 26,2011

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Good Tuesday morning Spursland. I hope this day finds you well, healthy and full of optimism. Because I am sure something will happen with the team today to absolutely ruin all of those feelings. Because that's who Spurs are.  

And now the "news"

Sevilla Deny Dos Santos Deal-Sky Sports

Come on, just get something settled, is Gio staying or going. I am not sure Kevin McCauley can take much more of this.

Adebayor To Snub Spurs-Click Manchester

The really surprising thing is that according to this ever so dubious source, he is holding out for a return to Real Madrid. Yeah, you read that right, R-E-A-L Madrid, where he sat on the bench all last season.  

The Latest Tansfer Gossip From Twitter-Dear Mr Levy

I could probably read an article by Spooky23 about things he read in the phone book. How has some enterprising hacker not come along and switched his site and the Daily Mail. The world would be a better, more informed place.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Turkish League Delaying Season By One Month-SB Nation Soccer

If you haven't heard, Turkey had a massive match fixing scandal last season. I don't know what delaying the start of the season accomplishes but this obviously means that things have not been fixed yet.

Chelsea Are Aging, Is It Rotation Time?-We Ain't Got No History

Or maybe developing some young talent that can get into the squad, one of the two. Probably not the latter, I mean Frank Lampard can probably play till he is 50, right?

Sergio Batista Resigns As Argentina Manager-SB Nation Soccer

I can't say I am not surprised, Argentina have more talent than anybody on the planet save for Spain, but during the Copa America they looked like a broasted shit sandwich. If you can't win games with Tevez and Messi and (insert one of the million other ridiculously good playesr here) you don't belong in that job. Although I am sure that Harry Redknapp would still call him a "toplad", whatever that is. Im sure the word "triffic" would also make an appearance in that statement.

Argentina Combines First And Second Divisions To Ensure River Plate Stays Up-SB Nation Soccer

Oh you thought that just because River played like West Ham last season that they would be relegated? Nope. Once again the rules are changed to blatantly give the advantage to big clubs. Say it with me now, South America=Corruption.