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Hey Look, A Good Striker Tottenham Can Actually Buy: Alvaro Negredo

I choose you, Pikagredo
I choose you, Pikagredo

How many strikers have Tottenham been linked to this summer? I'm pretty sure that the number is at least 42 dozen and they range from unlikely to just simply not happening. That's Giuseppe Rossi, Sergio Aguero, Diego Forlan, Asamoah Gyan, Emmanuel Adebayor. Guess what? They're not happening and never were, but we're starting to hear about a striker target that is actually believable. I know, I know. You don't believe me. I'm not sure I believe me, but it's true.

Alvaro Negredo is currently with Sevilla, having moved there from Almeria two years ago. He's known more for being a Real Madrid boy though. He's from Madrid and spent time with the Madrid reserves as a youngster, even getting a couple chances to play in the Copa Del Rey back when Fabio Capello was manager before going off to Almeria. With Almeria he scored 32 goals in two years before spending the last two years with Sevilla, where he's scored 40 goals.

Now it looks like it might be time for Negredo to move again and if we're lucky, it'll be to White Hart Lane. First thing Spurs need is someone who can finish. Scoring 40 goals in two years in La Liga proves he can do that. He's gotten five call ups to the Spain team too with three goals to show for it. So Negredo can finish. Check.

Not only do Spurs need someone who can finish, but the team needs someone who can play as a lone striker so Rafael van der Vaart can slide in behind him. Negredo can definitely do that. He spent a lot of time the last two years playing alongside Fabiano up top, but Fabiano was sometimes injured and later sold, forcing Negredo to either player with Kanoute alongside him or more accurately, below him with Negredo alone up top. He played fantastic in the role and at 6'1'' there's no doubt he can provide some sort of aerial presence. When 'Arry wants to go with Jermain Defoe or Roman Pavlyuchenko in a two-striker formation, Nedredo can handle it, but he can also handle doing the work up to alone. So he can play as a lone striker. Check.

Here's the big one. Negredo is actually attainable. He doesn't play for a team that will be in the Champions League next year. He doesn't play for a team that just sold one of their strikers so they're desperate to keep him. He's not a target for a huge club so Tottenham aren't reaching too high. There is no obvious alarm going off for Negredo as nothing better than a Mirror rumor.

Sevilla are open to selling, although they're not exactly shopping him around to everyone. That said, they could use some money and Negredo is a way to get some. They are reportedly asking for £18 million for Negredo, but that's their beginning asking price so it should be able to come down. If Spurs can capture him for less than £15 million it would be a smart buy, not just because it feels a need, but because he's a top notch player at a premium position.

Toss away the rumors of Rossi or whoever else. Those all set off the alarm. They're not happening, but for the first time we have a rumor that might be legitimate. It's also one that would be a terrific signing. Alvaro Negredo, come on down.