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And Now For Some Nonsense On Christopher Samba!

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Since Tottenham Hotspur have three central defenders that we could reasonably classify as 'reliable,' they'll be competing in Europe this season, and Steven Caulker just went on loan to Swansea City, they could be looking for a new central defender. Spurs have been linked to Blackburn Rovers center back Christopher Samba forever and a day, and those rumors are starting to get a little stronger.

Sorry to steal Andy's thunder with the absurd, unreliable sourcing, but talkSPORT are reporting that Blackburn's owners are in some deep stuff financially and that they need to sell a player or two, not buy the superstars they've been promising. Samba would probably want to come and we would probably want him. Win-win-win, right?

Yes, but I'll believe it when I see it on the Guardian or the BBC. For now, it's just transfer nonsense from a nonsense source, and we come across lots of that daily. I just thought that this rumor sounded more reasonable than most (like the persisting Mata rumors, which I'm done addressing). This sounds realistic, but at the same time it sounds like someone made it up.