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Wheeler Dealer Radio - Episode 3: Tottenham Hotspur Preseason and Transfer Rumors

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Wheeler Dealer Radio is back with more Tottenham Hotspur news and content. This week on the show we wrap up Spurs' trip to South Africa as well as discuss the reserves' friendly against some made up football club from Wimbeldon. In addition, we discuss some of the best transfer rumors from the past week, addressing players like Juan Mata and Alvaro Negredo.

Also, we provide you some tips that are guaranteed to make you the laughing stock of your fantasy football league and discuss how we, the folks at Cartilage Free Captain, became Tottenham Hotspur fans and Brian Mechanick learns how to make his USB microphone work.

Unfortunately, one segment we were really excited about, Legends of the Lane, which we're going to use to give some of the folks who are new to Tottenham Hotspur a little perspective on the clubs history, was marred by technical difficulties. Despite my considerable editing skills, we didn't feel comfortable presenting it to you and so we'll begin it next time in Episode 4.

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