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Falmer Stadium Hosts Tottenham Vs. Brighton Saturday, Here's A Look At The Killer New Venue

Falmer Stadium
Falmer Stadium

Pictured above is Falmer Stadium, the brand spanking new home of Brighton and Hove Albion. Gus Poyet's boys were promoted from League 1 to the Championship last season, just in time for the opening of their absolutely gorgeous new home, Falmer Stadium. The stadium is known for sponsorship purposes as the "American Express Community Stadium," but that is absolutely the last time I will ever call it by that name.

The stadium cost £105 million to build and seats just over 22,000 people. The stadium was designed in such a way that it is possible to expand the seating capacity to 35,000 without much difficulty. Brighton's reserve team played the first competitive fixture in the stadium, but we'll still be one of the first teams to play at the venue on Saturday.

I assume they will have a Camp Nou-esque pitch as Gus Poyet gets his boys to pass and pass and pass their opponents into submission this year in the Championship.