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One Plus One Equals Three, Fernando Gago For Tottenham

Can I haz Gago? (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)
Can I haz Gago? (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The summer continues without Tottenham making a signing of note or even being linked to every single person who has ever put a pair of boots on. Being Spurs, this is strange and I have no idea how to react in such a situation so let's do what we do best and put one and one together to make three. Yes, it's time for picking random players we think might be good for us, we can see some way to sign him and then convincing ourselves that we can buy him. The subject of our poor math today? Fernando Gago.

Now who is Gago? You'll be excused if you forgot since he has struggled to get on the field the last couple seasons for Real Madrid, but he's an awfully good Argentinean defensive midfielder. The 25-year-old no longer qualifies as a youngster worth hanging onto because he might develop in the future. He is what he is and what he is is a very good player, but he's a player who can't find the field at the Bernabeu so Real would likely entertain the idea of selling him.

If they're going to sell him, why not Spurs? I do like Sandro and think he's going to be a fine player, but I'm not quite ready to make him first choice. Tom Huddlestone is still a great passer, but he doesn't cover the ground necessary to defend in front of what can be a porous backline. Tottenham were at their best when Wilson Palacios was at his best, but it looks like the Honduran may be on the way out. If he is, bringing in Gago to play Palacios' role, only playing it better, would be ideal.

Being a Real player, where money is an afterthought, it's conceivable that Spurs can snag Gago away on the cheap. A £8 million price tag isn't unfathomable and it would be quote the steal for Spurs. Do that and Palacios, as much as I like him, can go off wherever he'd like. So, Gago (1) + Spurs (1) = 3.