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Tom Huddlestone To See Specialist For Mystery Injury That No One Told Us About

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Thanks a lot, Tottenham Hotspur public relations and media people. You're really good at your jobs. Except you really suck at your jobs. Case in point: I read this article in The Guardian today about how Harry Redknapp is, in fact, interested in Juan Mata. The article is, for the most part, about Harry's interest in Mata. Shocking, I know! There's also a lot of stuff about whether or not Luka Modric might leave. This is totally irrelevant because Mata isn't a central playmaking midfielder, but whatever. The point of this post is, there was a little thing buried in this piece about an injury to Tom Huddlestone.

You're all thinking the same thing. "What? I had no idea Huddlestone was injured." Correct, because NEITHER DID ANYONE ELSE. The following is just a random tidbit stuck in this piece about Juan Mata that has nothing to do with our central midfielders or injuries.

"Sandro is out for three months and Tom Huddlestone has to see a specialist. Wilson Palacios is just coming back, so in terms of senior [midfield] players we only have Luka Modric and Jermaine Jenas, so it's an area we do need to strengthen for sure."

Wait. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Excuse me? Tom Huddlestone has gone to see a specialist? And you were going to tell us this WHEN?   

Seriously, this information is nowhere. It's not in any papers. It's not on the official site. I keep my eye on RSS feeds and aggregators all day. I did numerous google news searches. Nothing. This is literally the only goddamn mention of Huddlestone's injury anywhere on the internet. And it's not like they just didn't tell anyone because he had a hangnail or something, he's gone to see a specialist for something and Harry's saying he isn't fit. 

Don't you think your fans might want to be informed of this? If the first I'm reading about Tom Huddlestone seeing a specialist for a still to be named injury is in a stupid transfer rumor story about Juan Mata, then your PR and communications department is an embarrassing joke.

I swear to god, if Tom Huddlestone is out for longer than a couple of weeks I'm going to light something on fire. What the hell does this team want me to do, sacrifice a goat?