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Tottenham Hotspur Transfer Rumors: Chelsea FC To Launch New Luka Modric Bid

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With Javier Pastore gone to Paris St. Germain, who he curiously chose to join over Chelsea FC, it appears that the Blues are going to renew their interest in Luka Modric. At least, that's what a new article in The Guardian says. It's no surprise that Chelsea are looking to Modric again after losing out on Pastore, but they are unlikely to like the price.

Of course, that is none of Andre Villas-Boas' concern. He has players that he is interested in and the club will support him in pursuit of those players. People who are not Villas-Boas will decide how much money the club has to spend on transfers and how much they're willing to pay for individual players. Something tells me that Ron Goulay, Roman Abramovich and others won't like the price that Daniel Levy ultimately demands.

From a piece at We Ain't Got No History that I linked earlier, citing a report from Sky Sports, Chelsea CEO Goulay had this to say:

I don't like talking about players from other clubs, but [the Luka Modric deal is] something we'll look at during the week and we'll take it from there. We really need to sit down with [Andre Villas-Boas] and talk this through. Even though we've been travelling away you can still be active in the marketplace nowadays.

This ultimately means nothing if Daniel Levy holds his line that Luka is not for sale at any price, which is entirely possible. It's also entirely possible that he uses the Pastore deal as a base price for Modric and finds a way to gauge Chelsea and get them to pay way too much for Modric. 

Commentariat: At what price do you let Modric go? After seeing the Pastore deal, my answer is £40 million.